Sunday, October 9, 2011

Highlights of 2011

During this year of celebrating 3 years of being locked, I also got married on Valentines Day in beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica and I have a third grand child my beautiful grand daughter Daisha Anaya who is now 8 months...yes my oldest daughter has been BUSY..

Our wedding day & Daisha

Time Fly's 3yrs 2 days still loving my locs everyday

So its been a year since blogging, I think I am coming back Facebook is becoming boring and not very informative majorityof the time. Here I am at 3yrs and 2 days.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two Years Two Months Two In Love

As usual I have been MIA.. busy being a grand-mother twice and another on the way, going to school and being a mother to a teen aged daughter.. planning a wedding, and of course work, work, work...LOL I need help from my SL sista's I need hair style ideas for my wedding which is in 67 days and suggestions for a good moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner other then SL brands.. So now for the I am positng my initial installation in 2008 and my growth during the past two years of my journey...

Start of my journey 2008

Continuing my journey 2010

Remember my first grand-daughter "Tinkerbell"...soon to be 2yrs old

My handsome grand-son whom I call "Cookie"..just turned a year old

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wow Lost Count on Re-tigthenings

I was retigthened yesterday, my original consultant move from Arizona to North Carolina she referred her clients to Naimah who is originally from Washington now in Phoenix. I use Naimah for styling,products and as my back up consultant and Niki of Phoenix as my main consultant they are both great. Niki usually takes 2 hrs to re-tighten, she is so quick. This re-tightening was completed by Naimah it took about 4 hrs we have such great conversation it seemed like it was 2 hrs. I had noticed my locs were looking a little dry and of course Naimah picked up on it right away, she questioned if I had been using permanent hair color and my answer was "yes" she recommended I go back to semi-perm which is a suggestion well taken. Naimah carries the Sister Locks products and kindly gave me a bottle weight of the SisterLocs moisturize free of charger along with other conditioning and moisturizing tips.. I so love my consultants...I am not one for experimenting with products and I really appreciate the knowledge of my consultants.

Naimah, braided the front of my locks, I wanted the back braiding up into a pony tail but time was cutting short on us as we both had other engagements. Therefore, Naimah just pinned up the back. As you can see I need some color, those little grays are sprouting which makes my scalp look like I have bald spots(trust me I do not). I am still loving my lock and happy that I can finally style them, I started 20 months ago with locs that were about an inch long. Enjoy ....

Cute up braided locs

Profile of locs up braided

Top view of locks braided to the crown

Another view

A different angle

Loc Water Fall (top back view)

Totally from the back view

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thought I would drop a line 20 months and growing

Wow, I just happen to be showing my co-worker where my Sisterlock journey began and came to grips I miss my Sisterloc/Brotherloc blog family. Like many others I have been sucked into Facebook, however I am not a regular there either. Been busy with life like most of us, Gee so much has happen since the last time I blogged. I have a new grandson my daughter didn't waist anytime and I just found out she is pregnant again talk about wanting to choke your child...LOL Well she is married, speak of marriage I am getting married myself and planning a destination wedding in the beautiful Caribbean Island of Montego Bay, Jamaica on Valentine's Day 2011.

Ok I have not blogged in awhile, so I may have gotten a little rusty with posting etc. The pics I am posting today are from my blackberry curve only 3megs (and its been dropped a few times)so forgive me if the pics are a bit fussy. I probably will not post again until my 2 year anniversary or I get a better camera device.

I am due for a re-tightening this week in, its been about 8 weeks between re-tightenings this time around.

Boy has my hair grown

Ahhh, so full of life

Let it Flow

My beautiful grandchildren they are ten months apart
Chavea who I call Tinkerbell and Aundre who I call CookieMonster

My little Man*** CookieMonster aka Aundre

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Year SisterLoc Anniversary

Hello all of my SL Sister's, I have been away for sometime now. My job requires me to type most of the time on the computer and I have started my Master's online, so go figure I haven't been browser the web much for anything other then homework.

Enough of that, Yes it has been one year since getting my lovely SL's there have been times when I wished I could get other styles you know during that in between stage. Consider I started my SL's with just a 1 to 1 1/2 inches of natural hair my in between stage probably lasted longer the others.

Needless, to say I am still in love my SL's. The growth is phenominal, I just started wet setting this past weekend and have gotten so many compliments from family and co-workers as well as strangers and ladies at church.

Have been a little upset this past month,my original SL Consultant has decided to move back to North Carolina. North Carolina SL sister's your about to receive an excellent and informant consultant Mrs. Laura Cummings is coming to you. I am fortunate enough that she made sure to find a very suitable replacement Ms. Nyema who just moved to Arizona from Washington State. I am happy to have Nyema as my new SL consultant.

Ok Ladies, I tried to upload more pictures of my Year Old Babies but blogger and my computer are not communicating very well. I could only upload one picture that was taken with my blackberry. Hopefully I will add better pics soon.

So here's a flashback installation 10/6/08

My SL's one year later 10/06/09 Top view

Sunday, August 9, 2009

10 month photo's

Ok I couldn't resist it, I got the bug again. I just had to show off my SL's at 10 months. These pic are the best I can do for now they were taken with my daughters cell phone.